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Thursday, April 17, 2014

scientists identified 15 additional "compound emotions.

CNN News

ok scientists have identified 15 additional compound emotions that are expressed by combining the six basic human emotions: happy, sad, fearful, angry, surprised, and disgusted.

The compound emotions are all distinguishable from one other.

All humans use the same muscles to express a specific emotion.

The newly identified emotions could impact future research on psychiatric disorders like schizophrenia or PTSD, as well as developmental disorders like autism.

And help people who suffer from face blindness -- a cognitive disorder that prevents someone from distinguishing between different faces or facial expressions.

So there you go scientists have found 15 additional emotions. yea not really new news for us bipolar we kind of knew this already but who listen to us we'll crazy.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sleep deprivation can help with depression!

So I got my bp magazine (Bipolar Magazine) today and as I was reading it I found a articles title Sleep deprivation eases depression, but cognitive symptoms persist in remission so I read it and it said.

Patients with bipolar who were in a depressive episode were treated with total sleep deprivation intentionally not sleeping for one or more night, previous studies have suggested can be a raped and sustained treatment for depression.

A control group of people without bipolar also underwent sleep deprivation.

The researchers found that the clinical symptoms of depression improved in the patients with bipolar but cognitive impairment persisted. However, unlike the control group, the group with bipolar did not experience worsening of mental function after sleep loss.

at the beginning of the articles it did say "but they continued to have impaired neuropsychological functioning even after remission so base on that I have to say that the cognitive impairment do not increase because of the sleep loss, that it is the normal cognitive impairment that we all way have.

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