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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Top Seven Terrific Things About Bipolar Disorder

Ok this is just a repost kinda of a other blog from hear Top Ten Terrific Things About Bipolar Disorder so I pick 7 out of the 10 thing to repost and to add my comment about then if you what to see all 10 thing from that post then look hear (same link as before) Oh and guess what today is World Bipolar Day yay.

  • Creativity. Visual arts, performance, writing, music; in all the arts bipolar talent is common and sometimes exceptional. Patty Duke, Ernest Hemingway, Trent Reznor, Sylvia Plath, many more. The link between bipolar disorder and creativity is well-established, though further study is needed. One research finding: as many as 60% of people with bipolar disorders are writers.
This is one that I have bit and pieces of from time to time before my med kick in and then boom kind of and there go away any and well all if not all then most of my creativity, I really hate my med at time because of that but oh well.

  • Energy. Not sleeping for two or three days without feeling effects is even better than modafanil (Provigil). People take all sorts of stimulants attempting to experience similar energy; if you could bottle this symptom of mania and hypomania, you’d make a mint.
This symptom of mania, and hypomania is a fun one it can be fun to have endless energy that other can't get close to without some kinds of stimulants. If you could bottle this energy up your have no need to work that would be your job, selling all natural energy drink get your mania juice hear, lol. sadly my med take away much of my energy but in the end it for the best I guess.

  • Perspective on emotions. What goes up, must come down, and back up again. Viewing life and issues from both ends makes you more philosophical about the meaning of things. Would this matter when not depressed? Would that seem a good idea when stable? Emotions become illusory flavourings.
This one is true we look at thing from both side we see if thing truly care went we are in a mania state, or a depressed state.

  • Lots of bipolar celebrities. “Did you know so-and-so had bipolar disorder?” is an easy conversation starter, raising an eyebrow, implicitly comparing yourself to Marilyn Monroe, Florence Nightingale or Winston Churchill.
This can be fun to think about like hey guess what I have bipolar I should be a celebrities ah lol just being funny there.

  • Depth of experience. You’ll not meet more experienced, well-travelled, multi-dimensional people. Exceptional and often unusual stories to share. Could be because people with bipolar disorders, so often adventurous, tend to be high-achievers and leaders with above average intelligence.
ah when one have bipolar it is going farther down most major road then other.
and well having/being bipolar do tend to turn one into the equate of a wise old man.
And with the multi-dimensional I have believe it or not I had been to higher dimensional before but not only me I believe that just about anyone who have bipolar or at least a psychiatric diagnoses have been to the higher dimensional at least 1 time in there life and it kind of fun in a way but one do not just go to a higher dimensional you have find this key to unlock or activating the door to the other dimensional
"The harmonic resonance, activating mechanism, serves the same function as a query into a computer.
Although there may be unlimited data available, the query sets the parameters for specific information concerning a given topic. These activating mechanisms (or "triggers") can come at any time from anywhere - such as from emotions, written material, TV, other people, etc." link
So what the activating mechanisms for people with a mental illness well what said hear say it pretty well
"something triggers them in which they feel extremely insecure, unsafe, helpless and powerless. They want to escape out of this moment in their life in which they feel so extremely uncomfortable. But because of their low (self-)trust, self-esteem, and self-love they belief that they can’t solve the problems themselves. Their fear does not permit them to accept the environment to be of any help. So: no solutions, no escape. And then suddenly their mind finds this opening to the other dimensions. They jump into these other dimensions out of fear for what they experience in this moment of their life.
This jumping into another dimension is a way to escape the huge unsafeness and often feelings of danger they experience being in their physical body at that time. Their lack of trust, self-esteem and self-love makes them unable to handle the situation them selves. Panic and fear is the reason they jump into the other dimension." link
It not easy to come up with word to talk about the info we get from the other dimension, but there are some people who do have a easy time with coming up with the word to talk about the info they got from the other dimensions or higher dimensions and these people have changed the world in fact one of which is Albert Einstein.
But the only time I can access the other dimension is ones every 2 to 3 year if I remember right, in what I like to call The bipolar maximum but as I said in my post I am a Empath that is a topic for a other day.

  • Courage. Tied in with bravado and gradiosity, at its most severe it can be dangerous risk-taking, but at its best it’s inspiring and heroic.
This can be one of best symptom of mania it can be fun to not know the meaning of fear, self doubt, worry, but my med take much of that away.

  • Depression. What’s good about depression, you ask? Light needs shadow, and the most profound understanding includes both. It illuminates the whole human experience.
ok yea depression it not fun to be in a Depression state it not fun at all it no fun to have no energy, for everything to take so much energy to do, but it do hold value as it say Light needs shadow, the most profound understanding includes both.

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