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Friday, March 21, 2014

I am a Empath

So I found out that I am a Empath yes I am a empath.

Thank You Bret Bernhoft at for having the surveys Empath/Psychic/Sensitive/Indigo – Survey the first one and for all the other surveys you have they really do help us bipolar people they really do.

So anyway back to the topic of this post.

edit 8:01 forget that I kind of talk that me being a empath in this post People Energy

So yea I am a Empath so what is a empath you may ask well hear a YouTube video saying it pretty well.

ok so now you may be asking me how did I find out I am in fact a empath well thank to this other video.

So yea I am a empath who knew I guess, yea I am a Emotional Empath, Animal Empath, and seen to be a Physical Empath, although my meds block off most of my Empath ability, so I only experience my Empath ability in whole one every 2 to 3 year if I remember right, in what I like to call The bipolar maximum. but that the topic for a other post a other day

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