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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Child Prodigies and the Assault on Creativity my input

Ok this blog post I was going to be a comment on me sharing this from, Child Prodigies and the Assault on Creativity but it was a bit long for a comment so I am making it into a blog post.

This is a good read expectedly the part where it talk about “oppositional defiance disorder or odd "“oppositional defiance disorder” into the dsm-iv. Odd – which is characterized as an “ongoing pattern of disobedient, hostile and defiant behaviour” –""
With symptoms which include questioning authority the writing is on the wall – non-conformity and free thinking is taboo to the establishment."
And they did not say this in the article the treatment for odd is therapy where they basely they tell the kid over and over again that they have to do everything the grownup said even if it make no sense at all even if it the dumbest thing in the world and you know it will not work you have to do it because the grownup said so now now I know some may be asking about that disobedient, hostile and defiant behavior now I can tell you right now why that behavior is there it don't take a rocket science to find that out but before I do I am going to define the word disobedient, hostile, defiant, defiance, and behavior so we are all at the same page as far as the meaning of the word go.

Disobedient - neglecting or refusing to obey
Hostile - not friendly, warm, or generous
Defiant - characterized by defiance; boldly resistant or challenging
Defiance - a daring or bold resistance to authority or to any opposing force.
Behavior - manner of behaving or acting.
And all of this came from if you what to look for yourself.

The kid is disobedient because well he/she know it dumb, make no sense, don't take shit from nobody, they are hostile and defiant because they know it dumb, make no sense, they will not do it, they stand there ground, they know it dumb, make no sense, there no point in doing it, so why do it, just because the grownup is shouted at than to do it hell no they stand there ground and will not give up without a fight.

This may not be the best example but I hope you all get my point on that.

And because the kid is not acting the same way as everyone else that kid get the mental illness, that tell people that why you do the thing you do, that why you are the way you are, that why you act the way you do.

Yea that can be bad in some cased I trying to make the point that all mental illness is.

All mental illness is, the only way you get diagnosis with a mental illness that the doctor find the symptoms and the symptoms all they are why you do the thing you do, that why you are the way you are, that why you act the way you do, if you what to get down with it that all it is, this that people see that you don't act the same way as everyone else, so they find out how you do act, look in the big book of mental illness aka the dsm, and give you the mental illness that the book stay you have, and then they giving you med to get you be like everyone else.

Now I not trying to tell anyone to just stop your med you don't need then, no I not saying that because the med do help they save a lot of life, don't stop taking your med without working with your doctor, and I would not even think about it until you are ready.

But still that all mental illness is are the symptoms they see in you, that not how everyone else act, or are.

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