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Friday, May 9, 2014

Enchantment of a Bipolar Life

The Enchantment of a Bipolar Life

One of the enchantment or upside is being able to recognizing the beauty in the little things.

Other thing is that we can see and understand all the little connections between thing.

Because of the ability to see connections this makes us incredibly good at developing metaphors.

The structure of things and their similarity, even in objects that are quite distinct, enables us to map them onto each other as metaphor. This translates itself into experience in a very interesting way.

Life becomes full of metaphor, where thing and experience bear meaning. Or sometimes called "serendipity", where thing fit together in special ways.

How can something so small be so significant? It's not so much that things fit together as that they have meaning. Everything had a deeper significance.

When hypomanic or manic, the way that we can perceive light and color changes considerably. Thing become brighter, blacks become deeper or darker. It can become quite overwhelming. Sounds too can become louder, brighter, more focused.

It is not only that thing take on significance, but our senses take on their own complexity and their own structure.

This is not a addiction, it isn't attention to insignificant and irrelevant external stimuli. It the part of bipolar that help compensate for the down-side of having bipolar.


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