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Monday, August 25, 2014

Scientists found why lithium is effective at treating bipolar.

So Scientists found out why lithium is effective at treating bipolar, with could lead to better meds with fewer side-effects.

So as we know bipolar caused extreme change in a person mood.

The extreme change in mood in bipolar have been strongly associated with disruptions in circadian rhythms our body clock.

A study shown a potent effect of lithium in increasing the strength of the clock rhythms, showing a link between the mood-stabilizer, bipolar, and body clocks.

By tracking a key clock protein they discovered that lithium increased the strength of the clockwork in cells by up to three-fold by blocking a enzyme called glycogen synthase kinase or GSK3.

This will open the opportunities to develop new drugs for bipolar that mimic and enhance the effect lithium has on GSK3 without the side-effects lithium have which include nausea, acne, thirstiness, muscle weakness, tremor, sedation and/or confusion.

Our study has identified the robust rhythm-enhancing effect of GSK3 inhibition, which has potential to be developed as a new pharmacological approach to regulate body clocks, and there may also be beneficial effects leading to new treatments for bipolar disorder.

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  1. There is no such thing as "bipolar". Psychiatry itself is a bogus science. The following articles and essays explain this:

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    Psychiatry is a fake science

    Every human emotion is now a "mental illness"

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    Psychiatry is now giving 3 year old children drugs

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    A few free eBooks talking about how psychiatry is a massive hoax

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  2. Sorry for the late reply you know you are right somewhat there are time when I forget to take my med for ADHD and only when I am home do anyone find out that I forget to take my med if I am out no one ever know.
    And many empathic get misdiagnosis as bipolar, and I found out I am an empathic.
    and yea I have see for my own eye and know for a fact that when your out of your home, like a school, or work, or anywhere, that if you show any emotion your be label with a mental illness or something, in my blog post 'Child Prodigies and the Assault on Creativity my input' I talk (well touch on I guess is the better word) about how ODD "oppositional defiance disorder" is a fake mental illness.
    Bipolar is not a fake mental illness, it is real.
    yea true that if people do not act how people think they should act they have a mental illness for it and that is sad, but my view this is don't ever get yourself, or your kid testing for any mental illness at the age of 3, don't do it.